②上洛後の木曾義仲【Yoshinaka Kiso advancing to the capital】

It is said that Tomoe Gozen, a female warrior who served Yoshinaka, was a concubinage of Yoshinaka.







宇治川の戦い【Battle of Uji River】



義仲寺にある義仲公のお墓【The tomb of Yoshinaka at Gichuji Temple】


Yoshinaka, who won a big victory in the battle of Kurikara Pass, was supposed to have a rogue party that Yoshinaka could not understand as the army swelled as Joraku approached.
He was Yoshinaka, who got the title of General Asahi, but he had to solve a number of difficult problems.

After Joraku, Yoshinaka struggled to solve the famine problem (Yowa famine) that had been going on for several years.
The swelling army was rampant in the city, probably because of a long-term expedition, and those who were not directly under Yoshinaka did bad things, and the city continued to worsen. rice field.

In addition, regarding the issue of succession to the throne of the emperor, there was a conflict between the institute side who recommended the prince of Emperor Takakura and Yoshinaka who suggested that the genealogy of Prince Mochihito was correct. The result was that it was smeared with mud.

In my personal opinion, Yoshinaka fought with Prince Mochihito’s decree, and despite the fact that the Heike, which was the wish of the institute, was dropped in the capital, when it became inconvenient, he forgot his favor and cursed Yoshinaka. I hate the side (the imperial court).
The imperial court criticizing Yoshinaka, who was born in a public family with pedigree, did not do anything bad, and started Yoshinaka for such an incompetent group, and many talented people died. It makes me sad when I think about it.

As a result, Emperor Go-Shirakawa and his horse did not match, and the Pope urged Minamoto no Yoritomo in Kamakura to go to Joraku.
This meaning was completely unacceptable to Yoshinaka, who defeated Yoshinaka and let Yoritomo enter the capital. At that time, Yoshinaka was also struggling to fight the Heike in Bitchū (now western Okayama Prefecture) in order to pursue the Heike. (Battle of Mizushima)

Among them, there was a report that the army of Minamoto no Nori and Yoshitsune entered the Fuwa District of Mino Province, and Yoshinaka hurriedly pulled up, and after returning to Kyoto, detained the character of Emperor Shirakawa and forcibly created himself as a government army.

I introduced you to the splendid life of Yoshinaka, but I think there are many things to learn from Yoshinaka, such as the spirit of Yoshinaka’s righteousness.
Then, Yoshinaka appointed himself as “Seito Taishogun” and created a cause for defeating Yoshitsune and others.

However, there are few people who are on the side of Yoshinaka due to too hard measures, and although they lost in the battle of Ujigawa and Seta, Yoshinaka and his group headed for Hokuriku to rebuild, but Yoshinaka Shitenno in Omi Kuni Awazu (currently Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture). ・ I was defeated with Kanehira Imai and died 31 years.

Basho Matsuo, a haiku master from the Edo period, was also impressed by Yoshinaka’s way of life, and in his will he said, “I want you to build your own grave next to Yoshinaka.” ) Was buried next to Yoshinaka.
Yoshinaka who also falls in love with a man! It’s really cool.
Yoshinaka, who has been in people’s hearts for hundreds of years, is probably the No. 1 hero in the Genpei War.