道教の女神・媽祖[Taoist goddess Maso]

横浜中華街にある横濱媽祖廟[Yokohama Masobyo Temple in Yokohama Chinatown]









This time, I would like to introduce Maso, the guardian deity of voyage and fishing in China.
Maso is a real person in the Song dynasty of China, and is said to be modeled on the silent daughter who was the daughter of the Song dynasty official.
Born in Meiso Island, Putian Prefecture, in the first year of Jianlong (960), she showed a special sign that the room was full of red light and full of scent. He was famous for not crying until the full moon, and when he was 16 years old, he gained mysterious power and cured the villagers’ illnesses.
Legend has it that she has had the ability to predict the weather since childhood and often rescued people when the ship was wrecked. She was 27 years old in the 4th year of the 雍 熙 (987), and she is said to have ascended from the mountain of Shoshu.
(There are various theories, but it is said that when she was 28 years old, her father was lost due to a marine accident, and the sad daughter left, and then she was invited by a hermit to become a god at the summit of Mt. It is transmitted.)
There is a fact that Himiko could read the weather in the previous blog, but I think that the fact that this Maso also got the weather means that he had a migraine.
Women have a high percentage of migraines, but this maso seems to be correct.
Although Maso has many legends, he has a strong religious belief in Taiwan as well as in the coastal areas of China.
There are many pioneers who migrated from the southern part of Fujian Province in Taiwan, and these immigrants worshiped Maso and prayed for their safety during the voyage. It is said that it was built, and for this reason, Maso is widely worshiped in Taiwan and is the most familiar god in Taiwan.
In addition, it is said that Maso was enshrined in the ship for the safety of navigation.
There is also a record of trying to unite the people of Taiwan by making Amaterasu Omikami and Maso the same person during the Taiwan colonial era of Japan. It can be said that Maso, who was highly regarded in Japan, was a goddess in China.
Masobyo Temples exist all over the world. It is found in mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, etc. There are some legends, but it is unusual for there to be so many mausoleums around the world.
I would like to travel back in time to see a person named Maso (silent daughter).